What do you feel for?

    We are your gourmet assistants, if you wish for something that you can’t find on our on-line shop, tell us and we will do everything possible to serve it to you.

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    All, for your convenience.

    We can tend to your needs in our stores, prepare what you feel for at the restaurant, receive your order by phone or e-mail and also bring your on-line order to your home. Whatever is more convenient to you.

    To take care of you, we also take care of our planet.

    With the goal of protecting the environment, the new bags and more and more of our packaging is compostable or made out of sustainable materials.

    Prepared fresh products

    Salads, sliced fruits and vegetables, cold pressed juices and other creations. Everything made with the tastiest, freshest and best quality ingredients.


    Gourmet pantry

    Italian pasta, albacore tuna in olive oil, artisanal jams, truffled foie, champagne and a long etcetera of gourmet products.


    Gourmet trays

    Trays with fruits, cheeses, cold cuts or any products you want for your meetings, parties and special events.


    Gourmet baskets

    Baskets filled with fruits, delicatessen products or whatever the person you want to make an exquisite gift to likes the most.


    Bulk fresh products

    The exquisite fresh fruits and vegetables of the varieties selected by Camarasa Fruits, in bulk, to delight your palate.

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