Much more than delicatessen products

Your gourmet assistants in Barcelona

Taking care of the selection of fruits, vegetables and delicatessen products we offer you at Camarasa Fruits is essential to us. As much as accompanying it with exquisite, complete and personalized attention and services is.

Camarasa Fruits

Gourmet platters We serve it to you on a platter

We prepare platters with cheeses, cold cuts, fruits or the products you want for meetings, celebrations and any other type of events. You can choose between our gourmet platters or customize them to your taste and for the occasion.

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Camarasa Fruits
Camarasa Fruits

Gourmet baskets Presents for the palate

Do you want to make a special gift? We can prepare seasonal or exotic fruits, vegetables or delicatessen products baskets for you, or create the combination you desire. No matter if you personally choose the products or you leave the selection in our hands, we guarantee a spectacular and delicious result.

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Take away Where do you want to eat today?

All the dishes from our restaurant, fresh fruit carefully selected and other delicacies to eat on your house’s terrace, in front of the sea or wherever you wish. Do you feel for a poke salad, a truffle risotto, some roast beef rolls...? We’ll make them for you.

We strive for the maximum amount of our packaging to be reusable or compostable.

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Camarasa Fruits
Camarasa Fruits

Services for companies Delicatessen products, B2B

Besides serving you, we can also serve your business. If you need some one trustworthy to take care of your company’s catering, you want to gift Gourmet Christmas baskets or receive fresh fruit at the office… we are at your disposal.

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