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An exquisite service, the seed of Camarasa Fruits

Your gourmet assistants in Barcelona

The absolute commitment to quality and the passion to offer close and personalized attention to customers have been the values that evolved with Camarasa Fruits and have made us grow.

They have been guiding us since the first day, in 1959, when Maria Camarasa opened her first cooked produce shop in the Sarrià neighbourhood, in Barcelona. Three generations after, we add over half a century of experience to this calling.

Camarasa Fruits

More than 60 years devoted to knowing every fruit out there and making hundreds of trips to find the best of each variety. That’s why the Camarasa family is still the only one in charge of selecting, personally, all and each one of the products we serve.

Dealing directly with the farmers is essential to us. It’s what allows us to be sure that we work exclusively with people that share our commitment to excellence.

Camarasa Fruits

Once we find the best produce, we serve it to you fresh, sliced, pre-cooked, freshly made, in baskets, at your door, at the office, to give as presents…

Take a look at everything we have for you at Camarasa Fruits and, if you need or wish for something else, just ask.

We are your gourmet assistants and you have us at your disposal.
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Another essential commitment

Camarasa Fruits

Being committed to offer you the best, always, requires us to take care of your health and the planet’s one.

That’s why, at Camarasa Fruits we make sure to select only those fruits and vegetables that have been grown in crops free of harmful chemical alterations. From among them we select the tastiest, best quality and, when possible, proximity products.

At the same time, we keep researching every day to find packaging that is more sustainable. That’s why we have switched from plastic to paper bags, most of the packaging used at Camarasa Fruits is compostable or made with sustainable materials and we’re constantly looking for solutions so we can have an even smaller ecological impact every day.

Camarasa Fruits

Our grain of rice

At Camarasa Fruits we work with various non-profit organizations.

One of them, the Aura Fundació, fights to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities. Our collaboration with them is part of an initiative they have pioneered in the country: the much-needed concept of labour inclusion.

Another one is the Barcelona Actua Foundation, with which we’ve been cooperating since 2014. This foundation works towards social inclusion and providing support to the most vulnerable people and groups of the city.

This way, through the weekly food donations and the yearly funding of two scholarships, we make our small contribution to causes we too believe are of vital importance: supporting the education of the citizens that will create tomorrow’s society, helping those who need it most and avoiding food wasting.